“Artificial Distribution” comes to your aid with a wide range of artificial flowers of the best quality, with satin, thick linen or velours petals. Each flower has its details specified: price, dimension or the materials of which the petals are made. We arranged the flowers by categories and this way you may compare their quality and prices.

Artificial flowers of all colors for floral tributes.

We offer you silicone and pistol to glue the artificial flowers on your floral tributes or arrangements. An intelligent and more resistant alternative, do not hesitate to replace the wire with which the flowers were tied with a more environment friendly alternative ! You will notice how easy to use are the gluing pistol and the silicone, how fast you can put the flowers on the artificial floral tributes and the fact that they do not fall as their resistance if greater. All you need is a simple push of the button and the gluing pistol releases a quantity of silicone sufficient to glue a flower. With one kilogram of silicone you may adorn with artificial flowers up to 100 floral tributes (according to their dimensions)

Artificial flowers Categories