Frequently asked questions

I gave wrong invoicing data. Can the order be reinvoiced ?

The case in which the order is completed, the modification of the invoicing data means the cancellation of the initial invoice and the issue of a new one. Reinvoicing can be done only during the same accounting month. To request a reinvoicing, please fill in the available form, here, both with the data of the order which needs remaking and with the new invoicing data.

I have a defective product, what do I have to do?

Contact us at the phone number 0753.438.513, or by e-mail filling in the form available under the section Claims & Notification and, in accordance with the product category we will indicate the best advisable solution .

Which is the advantage of an online order?

Placing an online order has a series of advantages: a) Orders may be entered at any time and they are taken according to the order of their registration; b) Products booking is automatically done upon the order registration if the said products have the “on stock” status; c) You may check your order in your account from its registration to its delivery.