About Us

“Artificial Distribution" was born from the wish to bring to the funeral field of activity a trustworthy supplier, stable and caring for the customers’ needs. We have managed to gain our clients’ trust by the experience we were able to demonstrate (eight years in the production and distribution of artificial floral tributes and flowers).

The production of artificial floral tributes started in 2013, a year during which the funeral market was replete with small importers from the neighboring countries which had products of a net inferior quality. Desirous to offer quality by our products and distinguish ourselves from the competition, we passed very quickly from trading the products which were best sold at the national level to bringing in a totally different range of products to the Romanian market. Thus, we managed to grow every day and our portfolio witnessed the appearance of new models of artificial floral tributes and flowers.

The production of artificial floral tributes is achieved with new equipment and raw materials of the best quality and thus, even the smallest mistakes may be noticed and remedied before they leave the warehouse to the customers. We started by importing the artificial flowers from China, each container being checked by one of our agents, but it seemed that this was not enough. To raise the quality level we offered, during the spring of 2014 we decided to start the production of artificial flowers at Sighetu Marmatiei. At this moment, we may be proud of the quality of the artificial flowers we produce, of the attention we offer each flower, but you do not have to take our word fro granted ! Call us now so that we may send you FOR FREE the last products catalogue and flowers samples !

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You will find in our offer a selection of products which we believe to be needful to a company providing complete funeral services, products which are meant to help you with the recovery, transport, grooming and preserving the deceased.

The products delivery is done free of charge with our own vehicles. We reach every city where we have customers once every three weeks, the orders being taken by telephone 3-4 days prior to delivery. In order to better organize your order, our suggestion is that you better take down the products you need (products which you may find well organized on the left side of the site) and send us the order online, by telephone of by e-mail. If you need our printed price offer (catalogue), we can send it by courier.

For us, the products quality, the customers’ needs and satisfaction come first ! we are a young, dynamic team and we wish you choose us as your supplier so that we may prove it. Do not hesitate to contact us for any order or information!

Producer and distributor of artificial floral tributes and funeral accessories at the best practice and with deliveries in all the cities of Romania.